02 June 2009


Random question: I've seen a few recipes with this in it. What is it? What's the nutritional value/benefit? Where do I find it at the store?



stewbert said...

It has great omega-3 fatty acids in it, so it's good for your heart and supposedly helps prevent cancer. I know there's more bennies to it though.


I've only found it at a healthfood store. I add the meal (just the ground seeds) to cookies sometimes. Makes me feel less guilty. ;)

Lauren Baugus said...

At Wal-Mart it's with the nutritional supplements, vitamins, etc. I'm not sure whether Publix or Winn Dixie even has it. I like to add it to just about everything because you can't taste it but it's good for you...on top of cereal or yogurt, in smoothies, mixed in with just about anything I bake.

Alisha said...


This should answer your questions!

I add it as a topping or I cook it like I would any kind of gluten. It can be good with kiwi or the right salads. Also good inside certain baked goods

Liz Autry said...

I found ground Flax Seed in the same area as the baking soda and powder and such in our super walmart. You might try that section.