07 July 2015

K is for koi, knit, keyhole

K is for Koi - last year a friend gave much a bunch of clothes she didn't want anymore.  They were too small for me, but they are a fabulous source of knit fabric.  This orange shirt was one of them - I love the fish design that wraps around onto the back.  It's a womens size small, so the neckline was the only thing too big for Cupcake.  I tore a small hole in the neckline and threaded a piece of elastic through - 10 minutes later she's got a new nightgown to wear all summer.  Too easy for me to count for my K!

K is for Keyhole in Knit - I finally came up with keyhole for K and did a quick Pinterest search for ideas.  I found a tutorial from Craftiness is Not Optional and figured I'd give it a try - it's a cute way to jazz up a simple t-shirt.  I used a pattern I already had, another shirt from that same friend, and an old tank top for the ribbing.  The actual construction of the shirt was easy, and it all came together in an afternoon, but the neckline is wonky.  It isn't so bad when Cupcake is wearing it, but it is certainly not my most successful project.  Next time I'll make sure my fabric isn't as thin and worn.

K is for Keyhole - I wanted something I was really proud of to count for my letter K, so I tried a tutorial from Elegance and Elephants for a breezy tunic.  I drafted a quick pattern - only one piece cut twice - and put the whole thing together in an evening.  I'll alter the neckline slightly when I make another, but I love it the more I see it.  The thrift store sheet has such a fabulous, summery print.  And the red bias tape is the perfect addition - I was given this, but I'm planning on making my own for future projects.

I have been on such a sewing kick lately - Cupcake really doesn't need more clothes.  Until she grows a bunch or requires a costume, I need to change things up and focus on other sewing projects.  My current ideas include clothing for myself, making ridiculous amounts of bias tape, and starting into the world of quilting.  We'll see what inspires me next!