01 April 2016

Easter Pinwheel

I seem to be stuck on the letter P.  Pillowcases, pajama pants, pleats, purse, and now Pinwheel.  I also have a pair of pink nightgowns coming up.  And I'm not counting a body pillowcase (because spending $12 on one was ridiculous, so I made one in about 20 minutes), or the purple maxi skirt that I'm currently working on.  Apparently I'm scared of quilting.  I could use Quick or Queen, but that feels like cheating.  I know I don't have to make a full-sized quilt for it to count, but doing that first quilt is so intimidating!  I'll start after our vacation this month.

Even though Trina has been sewing with Oliver + S patterns for a while, this is my first - the Pinwheel Dress and Tunic.  Which I got from Trina.  Thanks!  It was more complicated than most of the other things I have made, but the directions were clear and I slowly made my way through.  

The tiny pink daisy print fabric was in the package with the pattern, so it just made sense to use it.  And I made my own bias tape!  All of that ironing takes a while - even with a bias tape maker - since my ironing board is very short I can only do a little bit at a time.  Ah well.  I love the pop of color, and have already got three other colors of bias tape in the works.