22 October 2015

my little mermaid

This morning I attempted to photograph a mythical creature...

...a three year old that holds still.

Cupcake decided she wanted to be a mermaid for Halloween.
Since we live in a place where there is usually snow by the end of October,
this posed as a challenge. 

"I need a tail and a shell and red hair."
Aunt Taera is taking care of the hat/wig, which we will get soon.
I'll eventually update when she's fully outfitted for trick-or-treating.

I already had this beautiful material, that changes colors depending on the angle.
It is blue and red and purple and perfect for a mermaid tail.
I struggled to decide on how to make it, since the fabric has zero stretch,
but I made it up as I went along and she's happy with how it turned out.

Simple skirt, with an elastic waist.  The hem comes to a point and is
finished with a wide ruffle and three layers of tulle for poof.
She's able to walk in it comfortably, and snow pants will fit underneath if needed.

Long-sleeve white shirt with gold details from Walmart.
The shells are made from multiple layers of gold glitter tulle, 
with a single layer of teal on top.
Gathers in the middle and ends, then sewn on by hand.

I started our Sew All 26 Challenge with Cupcake's Bo Peep costume last year,
and now this is my letter M for Mermaid.  Half way done!


Aunt TC did an amazing job!  Lots of compliments.
It was a wonderful, snow-free night of trick-or-treating!

09 October 2015


After receiving some giant zucchini from Nana's garden last summer, I found this recipe to turn zucchini into apple.  It isn't magic, but it feels like it!  Cook the sliced zucchini in a bit of lemon juice, add some sugar and cinnamon and you have yourself what tastes like apple!  I used it in an "apple crisp" and completely fooled my husband, who hates zucchini.  We called it "deceitful crisp."

So this year, after another crop of zucchini, I had a grand idea - if I can use zucchini in pies and crisps like apples, why not sauce?  It works!  Use the same cooking method, and then blend it smooth.  Done and delicious.  It uses up a lot of zucchini all at once, and the zucchini-haters have no idea.

And in case you are wondering, I am on track for finishing my 100 recipes in the year!  77 recipes as of today, so only two each week for the rest of the year to get it done.