28 June 2017

Glass Onion Adventure

I bought a pattern by Shwin Designs over a year ago.  Then life happened.  So when Project: Run & Play posted up this month's challenge: Adventure, I  was excited to finally sew my first Glass Onion.  Because the split back is perfect for warm weather, and nothing says "adventure" like summer.

Not the most adventurous fabric, but I let Cupcake pick it, and that's always more important.  It's actually a vintage sheet from the thrift store!  But I love the top so much I think I'll whip up another one real quick, since she's already in the largest size. Little sister Snowflake will be gets lots of these in the future though - I made this in less than a day and the curve wasn't nearly as scary as I thought.

We went to the library for pictures, because reading is incredibly adventurous, but she had other plans.  It started with a cowboy hat and got out of hand really quickly.

This summer will be full of adventure.  Flying across the country, playing with cousins, eating popsicles, smelling like campfire, reading in the hammock, swimming at the pool, digging in dirt, and blowing out birthday candles.  With this kid around, everything is an adventure.