28 June 2015

the Kaylee jumper

Last month we went to a Firefly party, and I was asked to make a Kaylee-inspired jumper for a little guest.  I was given enough fabric and patches to make two of them, and just got around to making the second.  Had to make it now while I had enough fabric to fit my growing girl!

Can't have a Firefly shoot without the ship Serenity.
Doing the zipper this time went much smoother.  The first time had too many layers of fabric, and not enough seam allowance.  I actually planned it out better, altered the lining, and made it all properly - no need for bias tape to fix my mistake this time!  I'm very happy with how easy it was.

And the pockets.  This is the first time I've made anything with pockets.  I'm pretty proud of myself because I came up with this alteration completely on my own, from idea to completion.  The lower half of the jumper is basically two giant pockets.  I think Cupcake would appreciate more pockets in future projects.

It is still so incredibly satisfying to take an idea and a piece of cloth and create a wearable garment for my daughter.  I can make clothes just for her, and add tiny details for fun (like the pink top-stitching).  Yay for being bit by the sewing bug!

27 June 2015

Inspired by Izzy

The internet is a fabulous place, full of free tutorials and patterns.  I found the Izzy top on Climbing the Willow and found it charming.  No added sleeves and an arched waistline.  I was in need of a royal blue top for a family reunion photo coming up, but the only blue I had was knit.  So I completely re-drafted the pattern to fit my needs.  

Only one pattern piece for the top, sized down, and the bottom altered to match.  It all came together so incredibly quickly.  Two shoulder seams, two under arm seams, gather the bottom (which was my husband's old shirt, so no need to hem), attach the bottom, and fold under the neckline.  Done, from start to finish, in less than an hour.

I absolutely love it!  Adorable, comfortable, and easy to put together.  I would make a dozen more, if she didn't already have too many clothes.  It may have been inspired by the Izzy Top, but to me, it will be the Reunion Shirt.  And to Cupcake, it will be the Blueberry Shirt.

Cupcake did not want to stop playing to take pictures, but I managed to get this beauty, so had to share!

grocery bags

I was given a bit of heavier fabric (canvas?) and since I usually make clothes, I had no idea what to make with it.  But a thought struck - grocery bags!  I prefer to use reusable bags, and the ones I have a ugly and dirty, and would likely fall apart when washed.  But not anymore!

Being creative is not a hobby, it is a way of life.

If eating cake is wrong I don't want to be right.

I followed the pattern and instructions from Stitched by Crystal, although I made the pattern slightly bigger since I wasn't working with fat quarters.  They were quick and easy - so easy that my sister, who is brand new at sewing, was able to make two for herself.  I had never sewn french seams before, but would gladly do them again.  

16 June 2015

Cupcake Princess Dress

 I'll admit that I made a rookie parenting mistake: 
I asked my daughter what she wanted to do for her birthday.
Every day she says we need to go to her party,
which won't be happening until the end of next month.
But at least we've got her party dress ready.

I made my princess a princess dress for this month's Project Run & Play.

Although the pattern was for an Elsa inspired dress, I didn't have the right fabric.
(I really try and avoid going fabric shopping - I tell myself I have enough.)
And I had cupcakes.

A cupcake princess dress for Cupcake's third birthday.
A peasant top with elastic for ease of access, plus extra elastic around the waist for fit.
I got some direction from the DIY Mommy.

But when I heard princess dress, I thought of this,
 the real star of the show: the hemline. 
Find tips on bustling your own dress at girl. Inspired.

Two layers of twirly goodness.  
The pink was originally too long, but I cut it off and turned it into the ruffle.
I love it when mistakes turn into blessings.

After her party she can put this in the dress-up box -
it'll be a good alternative to the Rapunzel dress she wears constantly.

Besides, this dress twirls better.
And everyone knows the first thing a princess needs is a twirly dress.

And if you are following our alphabet challenge, H is for Hemline.