16 June 2015

Cupcake Princess Dress

 I'll admit that I made a rookie parenting mistake: 
I asked my daughter what she wanted to do for her birthday.
Every day she says we need to go to her party,
which won't be happening until the end of next month.
But at least we've got her party dress ready.

I made my princess a princess dress for this month's Project Run & Play.

Although the pattern was for an Elsa inspired dress, I didn't have the right fabric.
(I really try and avoid going fabric shopping - I tell myself I have enough.)
And I had cupcakes.

A cupcake princess dress for Cupcake's third birthday.
A peasant top with elastic for ease of access, plus extra elastic around the waist for fit.
I got some direction from the DIY Mommy.

But when I heard princess dress, I thought of this,
 the real star of the show: the hemline. 
Find tips on bustling your own dress at girl. Inspired.

Two layers of twirly goodness.  
The pink was originally too long, but I cut it off and turned it into the ruffle.
I love it when mistakes turn into blessings.

After her party she can put this in the dress-up box -
it'll be a good alternative to the Rapunzel dress she wears constantly.

Besides, this dress twirls better.
And everyone knows the first thing a princess needs is a twirly dress.

And if you are following our alphabet challenge, H is for Hemline. 


rebelandmalice said...

Adorable job! She seems to truly love it!

Sabrina said...

I am in love with the princess hemline. I havea dress in progress that I've been debating about going that route, and you have inspired me to forgo the double ruffle and do the beautiful princess hem. Love!

Annie said...

Adorable dress! I think this dress may get more wear than the Rapunzel dress!