28 June 2015

the Kaylee jumper

Last month we went to a Firefly party, and I was asked to make a Kaylee-inspired jumper for a little guest.  I was given enough fabric and patches to make two of them, and just got around to making the second.  Had to make it now while I had enough fabric to fit my growing girl!

Can't have a Firefly shoot without the ship Serenity.
Doing the zipper this time went much smoother.  The first time had too many layers of fabric, and not enough seam allowance.  I actually planned it out better, altered the lining, and made it all properly - no need for bias tape to fix my mistake this time!  I'm very happy with how easy it was.

And the pockets.  This is the first time I've made anything with pockets.  I'm pretty proud of myself because I came up with this alteration completely on my own, from idea to completion.  The lower half of the jumper is basically two giant pockets.  I think Cupcake would appreciate more pockets in future projects.

It is still so incredibly satisfying to take an idea and a piece of cloth and create a wearable garment for my daughter.  I can make clothes just for her, and add tiny details for fun (like the pink top-stitching).  Yay for being bit by the sewing bug!

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Maegen Foster said...

This is darling. The pockets are fabulous, and I love that you have the patches on there as well. :)