22 February 2017

Welcome Snowflake

Welcome Snowflake!

Not much sewing has been going on for the past month, for a very good reason.  One little baby girl was born a surprising four weeks early and has changed our lives.  For being so early she has had very few health concerns, but she eats frequently and quite slowly.  She's a fairly content baby, so the rest of the time she sleeps, but I had forgotten how time-consuming having a newborn is.  It doesn't help that I'm up multiple times during the night so I'm constantly running low on energy.  

Cupcake is thrilled to be a big sister!  She frequently asks to hold the baby, and talks to her in a high squeaky voice.  I've had to work hard to be patient with her though, as she has become more demanding for my attention and acts out a bit - not horribly so, but I'm already tired and stressed so it just feels worse than it is.  It has been an adjustment, definitely, but so worth it.

My creative time has been cut back significantly, but I've made an effort to do at least a little bit each day though, even if it is for only 15 minutes.  I have three baby dresses that I started right after Christmas, and they are still unfinished.  (It didn't help that I tried to add piping to one of them, twice, and will just need to move on without it.)  Cupcake also needs a new dress, there are patterns I still want to try out, a rag quilt to make, and more inspiration than I have time for!  I must make project priorities and make full use of those precious 15 minutes each day.

Looking forward to making clothes just for you, sweet Snowflake!