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Trina (L) and Mindy (R)
commemorating the Gilmore Girls at a diner 
in Rockville, Connecticut, July 2017

We are sisters who live at opposite ends of North America: 
Trina in Connecticut, USA and Mindy in Alberta, Canada. 

Operation Domestic Goddess began on 1 September 2006 when I quit my office job to stay home with my new baby girl. I didn't know how to cook or sew or decorate or fix anything. I could clean. That was about it. My husband Adam pronounced the beginning of Operation Domestic Goddess.

I set a goal to learn 50 new recipes and it took me a year and a half to do it. The rule was that we had to like the end result or it didn't count. There were many that didn't count. When I set a second goal to try another 50, I started this blog and threw it open to a number of friends for a recipe exchange. After a couple of years of recipes, I started reading ... sewing blogs? I got there from reading home decorating blogs. Dana Willard can take full credit for presenting sewing in a way that actually seemed possible and maybe even fun. My friend Kera gave me the boost I needed to get started on my first project - a Christmas tree skirt. Another friend, Katherine, randomly gave me a sewing machine when she got a new one, and it went from there. I didn't want to start yet another blog dedicated to sewing, so I expanded the recipe blog to include all homemaking things in general. More recipes, sewing, home decor projects, whatever.

So, 9 some-odd years later from the inception of Operation Domestic Goddess ... we now have five little girls who love dresses, ruffles, lace, and PINK. And blue, because, you know, Frozen. We bought our first house in June 2013 and I immediately started plotting new paint colors. (The master bedroom is "Toasted Cashew." It's brown. I hate it.) We homeschool. I bake all of our bread and still try new recipes frequently. We participate in a farm co-op during the summer/fall and we freeze and can our extra produce - jam and pickles, mostly. We grew our first full-size garden in 2014 and have potted herbs all over our deck. I make a lot of clothes for my girls.

I tried both crocheting and knitting but they didn't catch on for me, so those are set aside. I'm learning to quilt, and that is something I'm enjoying. I have plans for a lot of quilts - they just take a lot of time. I've started embroidery and I enjoy that too. I learned last Christmas how few holiday decorations I have, and aim to remedy that. I'm kind of all over the place with homemaking things now and my poor husband would love for me to actually FINISH some of these projects. All in good time, Babe!


I was given a sewing machine and a small stash of fabric for my 30th birthday.  With Pinterest full of inspiration I figured why not, give it a go.  I've always been artsy and creative, so it has been nice to have a new outlet.  (But I will not learn knitting or crocheting or scrapbooking - there's already too much I want to do with sewing, I don't want to open another can of worms, or spend money on more supplies.)  I have a very busy toddler, so I get to create when she sleeps.  She is growing so incredibly fast (at 18 months she wears size 2T/3T), so it is nice to make her clothes that actually fit her, and will last as she gets bigger.  While my family remains in our small apartment I'll stick with making clothes for her, and baby blankets for friends.  Someday I'll get to make curtains and cushions and pick out paint colors.


This blog started as a recipe exchange. While I was typing in various phrases to find a URL, my 2-year-old came into the room with her little friend who was over playing and announced, "Mom, we need mangos." Dried mangos are a super-special treat. Don't we all need super-special treats sometimes, with our food, clothing, and homes? I think so too.

(text: 2015)

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