31 March 2012

sewing goal so far

Yeah, so that sewing goal of posting 12 projects this year, at one per month? And it's March 31 and I still haven't posted anything ... BUT! I have been sewing!

I started with finishing the fish for the baby's cloth fishbowl in the Christmas present post.

Then I did a test run for the pattern I wanted to use for the girls' Easter dresses. Adam got me the book One Yard Wonders for Christmas, and it's in there - it's a variation of a pillowcase dress. I used some vintage-y fabric that someone gave me when they were cleaning out their sewing room to move. Good thing I did the test run because since I finished it, SM won't wear it and is insisting that she asked for a skirt rather than a dress. That's a load of garbage, but either way, she won't wear the dress. And that's too bad because I really like it. 

While I was at it, RG got a new skirt. When I make something for one, it's only fair that I make something for the other. She chose which fabric she wanted, and I put it together in just a couple of afternoons. The thing that took the longest was doing the elastic around the waist because at first I sewed it all shut without trying it on her and it was way too loose. So I had to undo it and tighten it up. I love the pink rick-rack around the bottom - my first detail I've added on anything I've ever sewn. Which, of course, is not much yet, but still. Details! I'm not good at details like this, so I was really happy that it actually worked and looks cute.

 practicing something from her ballet class at a gas station stop on our recent trip to Texas - there was music playing outside the store

happy girl in her skirt that Mom made

I've started the Easter outfits. JE's is done - it's a dress from the same pattern as the first one. TA's is cut out and started - it's a sundress with buttons over the shoulders. I'm using an actual paper pattern for the first time, borrowed from my next door neighbor. I think I can get the facing done tonight when Adam gets home from his church meeting. SM and RG will have skirts, probably with white shirts. I'm using this tutorial for simple skirts from Made - SM will get the double skirt with the bias tape binding around the hem (the green one with yellow trim in the tutorial). RG will get just the regular skirt, and I got some lace trim to have peek out from the bottom as a little flourish for her. 

AND I even got fabric to make myself a new skirt for Easter! The kids get new clothes. Why not me too? It will also follow the simple skirt idea - I don't have the time or expertise yet to do anything more fancy. But I'm really excited about the fabric - I got it from Modern Fabric Studio from their clearance section. LOVE their selection and the service was good - I had some followup emails about the purchase that I appreciated, and when the fabric arrived, SM declared it "the most beautiful fabric in the world!" I got 3 different fabrics from them, but only have plans for one piece so far. I will definitely keep them in my bookmarks to buy from them again.

So here are my January/February projects, and a preview for March/April. I'll definitely take pictures of all the Easter dresses and get those posted soon. And I already have a bunch more projects lined up as soon as the Easter dresses are done. I took the girls to Walmart a couple of weeks ago and they all chose fabric to get 2 t-shirt dresses. Each. Eight more dresses - there's April/May.

Grand total on clothes I've made so far: 4 Christmas dresses, 2 playdresses, 1 test run for the Easter dresses, 1 skirt for fun, 1 Easter dress.
On the schedule: 1 more Easter dress, 3 Easter skirts, 8 more playdresses.