sew all 26

We started an alphabet sewing challenge in October 2014, just for fun. It was inspired by No Big Dill's challenge - sew something from all 26 letters of the alphabet. Here are our lists:

A is for applique
B is for buttons and Bento ballet bag
C is for cats, cottage, crimson-trimmed rug
D is for doll clothes
E is for Elsa dress
F is for flannel, fruit prints
G is for Grandma's birthday and gingham
      more E (empire waist), F (flowers), G (green, glitter, and Grace)
H is for heritage quilt and hatinator
I is for invisible zipper and insane
J is for jeans
K is for knit fabric
L is for lots and lots of lanyards
M is for mending box and Mommy Made It and my first quilt
N is for navy
O is for Oliver + S
P is for Pearl Bracelets
Q is for quilting skills
R is for runner and ribbon border and Red White and Green
S is for school and some more stuff for school
T is for theater club (even more stuff more school!) and travel
U is for UFO
V is for Valentine
W is for white and WIP
X is for X-block
Y is for yellow and youth camp
Z is for zig-zag
(October 2018)

A is for apron
B is for Boynton book and black butterfly bubble dress
C is for Christmas cardigan
D is for dragon
E is for Easter and elephants
F is for frilly fuchsia fairies and Firefly
G is for gathered green gown and grocery bags
H is for hemline
I is for inspired by Izzy
J is for jumper
K is for koi, knit, keyhole
L is for lamb
M is for mermaid
N is for navy neckwear
O is for open and over
P is for pillowcases and pj pants and purses and pleats
      and Pinwheel and a pair of pink pajamas and paisley
Q is for quilted sewing machine cover, and two quilts
R is for repeat - Pepper Pinafore, keyhole and leggings, and pleated tunic
S is for stencil and sleep sets
T is for tulip sleeve and trimmed tunic and tag toys
U is for useful
V is for vintageviolet and Velcro
W is for white and working together
X is for juggling ball x6
Y is for yellow
Z is for zig-zag
(December 2017)

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