22 May 2015

G is for Gathered Green Gown

I found the perfect spot to take pictures.  
But Cupcake is a runner, so this was the only one I got.

I thought her new umbrella would be a fun prop, since 
she played with it for hours yesterday.  But that was yesterday.

Instead, there was lots and lots of twirling .. .

... and talking to the neighbor's dog.

I drafted my own pattern inspired by a combination of 
this pattern from Shwin & Shwin that I've been wanting since it first came out, 
and the pattern for this month's Project Run & Play from The Crafty Cupboard.

And my little girl is getting opinionated and independent.
She likes to pick out her clothes (usually dresses) and put them on BY HERSELF.  
So I made this dress roomy enough to put on easily
with no buttons or closures so she doesn't need my assistance.

As frustrated as I was, trying to take pictures, I'm happy how the dress turned out, with ducks on the top and chicks on the bottom.  I'm happy that the weather was beautiful and the grass is so green.  I'm happy that Daddy surprised us by being home on time.  I'm happy that I have a sweet, healthy and energetic little girl.


Anonymous said...

That is just way too cute. I love the gathered bottom and the fabric combination. Lovely!

Stepper said...

Too precious!

Krista said...

What a lovely combination of fabrics. The dress is really adorable :).

Anna Mae Fipke said...

The dress is indeed adorable...but the model definitely steals the show! xox

treen said...

Hey! The part on the back of her head is straight! And in the middle of her head! How DO you do that?!?!? This is why I don't do fancy hairstyles or even French braids. I can't get a ponytail part straight to save my life.

Beth Cavanaugh said...

Such a sweet spring-y dress!