31 May 2015

41: Baked Chicken Wontons

This was a joint effort between me and Aaron, but it was something I could have done by myself so I'm totally going to count it for my recipe list.  We had leftover wonton wrappers from making jalapeno poppers (similar to this) so we had to come up with something to use up the rest.  I was saying that the poppers were somewhat labor intensive, like the chipotle popcorn chicken I made (recipe 15) and we were inspired - chipotle chicken wonton bites.  We referenced this recipe, but kept it pretty simple - shredded chicken, shredded cheese, and chipotle sauce (loosely based on this recipe).  It was fun to try different ways of folding the wrappers.  We learned that a tight roll is perfect for frying, but when baked (which is what we did for this recipe), exposed edges get wonderfully crunchy.  I look forward to trying out other wonton recipes - I found one for lasagna cups that looks delicious!

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