08 January 2016

2016: the year of quilts

I have three targets for this year -

1. Quilts. I have at least 5 quilt ideas that I want to do - some more vague than others, but a rough idea of what I want to do. I don't have any major clothing requirements for my kids (no baptism dress until 2018), only random items that come to our attention or that they request for a particular reason. So I'm going to focus on the quilts!

2. Clearing out all the unfinished projects (UFOs! UnFinished Object) that are laying around taking up space, including emptying the mending box! Such an eyesore!

3. And it's a sort-of UFO - making and putting up curtains in the girls' bedrooms. I bought the fabric the day we moved into the house and it's just been sitting here staring at me all this time. I got curtain rods at Ikea today, so I can finally get this project done.

And yes, I will continue to work on the Alphabet Challenge very sloooowly - H and J are in the quilt category, and I is a UFO. Beyond that, we'll see what happens.

In other Operation Domestic Goddess categories ... I am determined to get one more step out of debt this year by paying off one of Adam's student loans. We are planning another garden, and will try to get the kids more involved in it this year. And we'll see if the bedroom curtain project triggers any other house projects, like painting.