07 September 2016

I made something for ME!

I made myself a shirt!  I bought the kid version of this blouse months ago (the Glass Onion by Shwin Designs), and even though I still haven't sewn it up, as soon as they came out with the adult version (the Glass Petal) I bought it and made one for me!  A little tricky to put together, but they provided a video for the hard part.  It fits really well, except the sleeves were much too tight. So I got really brave and modified them!

Following this tutorial, I made tulip sleeves to give me more movement.  And, bonus, they mimic the back of the shirt!  The first time I put one in it was backwards, but I got it all figured out and now I have a fabulous new shirt.  I've got plans for at least one more with a few tweaks to my new sleeve pattern and a little bit of added length to cover my growing belly better.