07 April 2017

Candy Kaleidoscope

After making the free pleated square tunic from Shwin & Shwin three times (from a pillowcase, a sheet, and as a dress) I figured it was time to buy the full pattern - the McKenzie Tunic (although Cupcake is now in the largest size!).  And when I won this amazing fabric from a giveaway on Kwiltz by Stephanie I knew I wanted to make another.  Thankfully I had exactly enough.  

The print reminded me of something that Fancy Nancy would wear, so why not go over the top and add lots of trim?  Two-toned pink around the arms, royal purple between fabrics, and blue rickrack along the edges. I've got quite a lot of ribbon, I really should use it more often!

04 April 2017

Red Riding Hood

For book group this month we were asked to bring a book that makes us happy.  We all love reading (obviously, since we are in a book club) but what other things do we love?  I immediately decided to read a sewing book.  As I usually do for our assigned books, I headed to the library, and while perusing the shelves I came across: Oliver + S Little Things to Sew.  I knew I couldn't go wrong with that since we are fans of O+S around here!

It wasn't exactly a "reading" book, but I enjoyed looking at all the projects and picturing how I would make them.  After much debate I settled on making the Red Riding Hood Cape as part of my "show and tell" about the book.  The book will come home with me again another time so I can make mittens, juggling balls, or the cozy winter hat.  I would even make more capes - a smaller one for Snowflake's future dress-up box, or it would make a great gift.

The red fabric came from my Mom - I got a ton, Trina got a ton.  After making my first pair of pants, and Little Bo Peep's skirt I had just enough left for the cape.  The lining is the same butterfly fabric from my Glass Petal top.  And an adorable teapot button to finish it off.

Sewing it probably took less time than tracing off the pattern and cutting out the fabric.  The directions didn't include top-stitching, but I would definitely recommend it.  It fits fabulously and looks adorable.  I forsee hours of fun and pretending ahead!