17 July 2017

zipper pouches

 My lotion exploded all over my purse. And since then, I've kept my essentials (lotion, kleenex, nail clippers, etc.) in a plastic bag, instead of scattered lose in the bottom of the purse.  But WHY?  Why use an ugly plastic bag when I can make useful zipper pouches to organize my stuff?

I found a fabulous Open Wide Zippered Pouch tutorial, and made four of them in a weekend - one in each size, plus an extra medium-sized.  I gave one to my sister full of birthday surprises, and use the rest to keep my diaper-bag organized.

What did I learn?  Zippers aren't that scary!  Take my time, use a zipper foot, and I can make neat things!

So while I was on my zipper kick, I decided I needed a camera bag, especially for traveling this summer.  Usually my camera just gets knocked around in my purse, so a little padded zipper pouch with room for batteries could come in handy.  I used one tutorial for the math, to make it exactly the size I wanted.  Then I used this tutorial to put it together, plus a little from this tutorial for the handles. 

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