17 July 2017

Easter dresses

I'd been meaning to make a Maggie Mae for a while.  And while I was looking for a walking foot to make my first quilt I found this sweet sheepy fabric and promised Cupcake I would make her something with it.  Spring rolled around, and things finally fell into place.  

There wasn't enough of the lavender to make the band across the skirt, so I skipped it and lengthened the skirt to a maxi instead.  I also added piping across the top, and faced the ever-intimidating series of button holes.  But I took the time and actually read the manual for my sewing machine (after finding it online), and learned to properly do button holes.  And they turned out great!  It was amazing!  I learned later that Trina's sewing machine makes it even easier, but I can do them on my own machine, and it made me very happy.   
I made Sammy's blessing dress last summer with this Butterfly Dress pattern, and I really liked how it turned out.  So when I found out Snowflake was going to be a girl, I figured I'd make one for her too.  And then my friend Michelle was having a girl, and Ashley was having a girl too, so I decided to make three.  I forgot to take pictures of the others, but it's all the same dress with different fabric.  And I made a matching diaper cover for cuteness.  

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