03 September 2015

G is for Grandma's birthday

My parents recently moved from Idaho to New York City to do family history archive work for our church. They were assigned to a courthouse in Queens. We're happy about it because it means they live just 2 1/2 hours from us instead of at the other end of the country!

After they arrived in NY, they came up to visit us in Connecticut last spring and Mom mentioned that she'd forgotten to bring her kitchen aprons. So I gave her one of mine right then (we have a lot) and made an immediate mental note: "There's Mom's birthday present." Ta da! When we went down to NY in July, we had a little birthday party with presents and ice cream.

Sorry this is the only full length shot. It's the only one I have without all the kids in the way.

Tawnia chose the fabrics - sunflowers and green with teeny white dots. We made it totally reversible. The back side not shown is fully green with sunflower pockets. I like this side better. We traced an apron I already had (that Mom made for me, actually) and made a couple of adjustments to get better coverage. The top section was made a little wider and we lengthened it as well. I did all the sewing, and Tawnia turned the neck and waist tie straps right side out while I worked on the rest of it. Next time I make an apron, I'll do the pockets bigger. They're a little small proportionally to the whole thing.

While we were talking, JK decided to make herself an apron by wrapping herself in the gift wrap tissue paper. Good times at Grandma's house!

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