04 September 2015

the garden

Last year, our front yard looked like this. Just a flower bed. The garden was in the backyard but didn't grow well at all. There's too much shade back there - we have over 50 trees on our property and they shade the entire backyard for most of the day. Great for kids, not so much for tomatoes. 

In April, Adam tilled most of the front yard under and we laid out the garden there. It's a mix of flowers and vegetables. We had beautiful tulips in May.  

MAY: starting to grow.

We have a large rhododendron bush right by our front porch but last year, the girls ripped off every single bud before they bloomed. So this was my first time seeing rhododendrons. I thought this was a fun looking flower. And then they opened. Awesome.

 The lilies and irises planted by the previous owner. We're grateful for her flowers!

 JUNE: take off!
Some of our herb pots on the deck, accessible to the kitchen. The plan is to put the basil in the main garden next year, because these little pots didn't give us nearly as much as we wanted.

JE's petunias and TA's violets in the planter boxes on the deck.  

When we got back from vacation at the end of June, the pumpkin plant had taken off. And the lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, and dill. 

JULY: more new flowers

Sunflowers at 8 1/2 feet tall, and still growing. They topped 10 feet. My one regret with these flowers is that they're the perfect size to cut and put in vases in the house, and I never did. Next year.

 Yes, we intended for the pumpkins to get really big. These are supposed to be 50 pounders. They've been picked now because bugs got to the plant and killed it. We need to figure out how to weigh them because they're HUGE.


 black-eyed Susans - one of my new favorite flowers

Jersey devil heirloom tomatoes. We also had Aunt Ruby's German Greens, and Jaspers.

I will say that the garden is far more Adam's project than mine - he goes through all the seeds, plans it out, and does most of the planting. Then comes my part. I watered it a lot this year (not a lot of rain - I have never in my life hoped and prayed for rain as I have this year), and I do a lot of the weeding. So I put in a good amount of work too.

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Mindy said...

Beautiful work! Aaron dreams of his own garden someday - currently we have all shade and greedy squirrels. But I get the feeling I would do what you do - water and weed.