01 September 2015

Year 10

1 September 2006 was my first day of being a stay-at-home mom, and the first day of Operation Domestic Goddess. So this is YEAR TEN ... It seems like a milestone of sorts so I have 10 projects I want to complete in the next 365 days.

1. Finish my first quilt. It's so close! I'm doing the border on the piecing right now.

2. Embroider a DC map quilt. I was given one of these patterns for my birthday last year, and I'm excited to move this project to the front of the line. SM asked who will get it for their bed. No one. It's going on the wall.

3. Paint the master bathroom all white, trim the mirror, and recover the window. And while we're at it, new towels for Adam and me. We're still using the towels we bought when we got married.

4. Clean and stain the inside of an old steamer trunk Adam recently bought for me at a yard sale.

5. Make a strip quilt.

6. Paint a wall hanging with a meaningful quote on it. Yes, I have the quote selected. No, I will not tell you until it's done.

7. Sew at least one previously-bookmarked item of clothing for each of my five girls. I have SO many sewing projects bookmarked (my anti-Pinterest method). I need to do more of them.

8. Make new covers for my living room couch throw pillows. I've never liked the covers they came with and since the couch is white, I can do anything!

9. Update all the framed photos around my house, and rearrange our wall decor. Heck, finish putting everything up! There are still a few things here and there leaning against the wall after 2 years.

10. Make one 12-inch quilt block a week for the year.

A lofty ambition, to be sure. And these things have to be done in the midst of homeschooling, gardening, and all the food preservation we do all summer ... and those things aren't even on the list. We're also going to be hosting a family reunion here at our home next July, so we have some home plans related to that. Adam wants to expand our back porch deck. Wish us luck!

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Mindy said...

That DC map quilt will be awesome! Excited for you, since I know how much that city means to you. I hope you are able to accomplish many of your goals. I recently looked back at my goal list for the year - I've done several of them but totally forgot about some others. Less than four months until next year!