02 September 2015

F is for flannel and fruit prints

(And now the catch-up posts begin.)

I wanted to do something much more clever for the letter F - loved Mindy's fuschia and all. But this is what I've been sewing lately: flannel pajamas shorts. A bunch of them. I bought the Kid Shorts from MADE - my first PDF pattern. Not as bad as I was thinking! It's my first step into the world of PDF patterns. And these go together quick! I timed myself with one of them - it took me an hour flat. The pattern has different lengths for girls and boys - I think the girl pattern is a little too short for my long-legged girls so I've adjusted it. On the second pair for SM, I did the full boy length and it goes to the bottom of her knees. She doesn't mind it and it's fun to have a little variety in look and style for the same pattern over and over.

SM got two pairs - I love the milk and cookies print! There's plenty more to make more pajamas for the other girls. She wears them paired with undershirt tank tops from Target - they're thick enough to be modest to wear around the house. It's a great little set. These were both from HUGE bags of fabric that Mindy sent to me from Canada, via our sister Tawnia who visited her and then came to visit me. (And got pestered by Customs - "What's with all the material?")

Now THIS pair of shorts ... heh. This was an experiment that didn't quite work. These are actually adult sized (and no, you will never see a photo of them being worn). Taking what I learned from the Kid Shorts pattern and instructions, Tawnia and I traced off a pair of her pajamas that were large on her ... so we let that be our seam allowance and sewed them up. Yyyyeah. Should have drawn in a seam allowance. AND I forgot to allow for folding over at the top for the waist band. So the top of the fabric, with no folding or anything even for hemming, rides a little low on the waist. I found a tutorial (also on MADE on the circle skirt tutorial) for attaching a wide band of elastic straight onto the top of the fabric ... which I also managed to botch up. It works, but don't look too close. It's a mess. But here you go. A project completed. They were supposed to be for Tawnia but they fit me better so I kept them. I owe her a pair of pajama pants.

That whole thing threw off my sewing mojo for awhile, and I didn't really sew anything in August. (Plus we've been a little nuts with gardening and canning, but that's another post.) I finally sewed another little pair of flannel shorts just yesterday for TA. She's been asking for them every day for over a week.

F is also for fruit prints! So fun - I love this one. I love fruit prints! It's a super lightweight cotton that I got at Walmart forever ago, and finally made it into some bright shorts for TA. I've also made a couple of other pairs of daytime shorts (rather than pajamas). My total is at 7 so far, and I have requests for more. The flannel shorts marathon will continue - good thing they're fast and I don't mind making them! And good thing that Target tank tops are cheap.

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Mindy said...

Yay for all the flannel! So glad it is getting used and you are enjoying it. Cupcake is wearing her pair that matches the longer pair of SM's. They are getting rather short on her, I just need to take the few minutes to drop the hem. Seeing the cookie print makes me want to make a pair! Maybe for Christmas, but I have a red reindeer print stashed away with the intent to make a full pair of pj's (top and bottom). Or maybe pants for all three of us! Hopefully my own attempt at adult pj's will go well.