01 June 2014

the progression of the flower bed

In only about 6 weeks, this is how our front yard flower bed has progressed.

April 12:
A few new plants coming up from the bulbs, but a lot of dead stuff. I'd actually cleared it out quite a bit before taking this picture. No border - the grass was just growing up into the flower area.

April 19:

A week later, we'd finished clearing the dead stuff, added the rock border, and even a path of flat stones up to the boulder. The girls like to climb on it, so we figured we'd give them a path so they don't step on the flowers.

May 2:
Only a couple of weeks, and the plants were going great - I thought they were irises but they've turned out to be day lilies. There may be some irises in there, but we haven't seen those flowers yet. We had 3 or 4 transplanted daffodils coming out on the right side - I don't know if it's because they were moved a few weeks earlier so we messed them up for the year or what, but it was just those few.

May 28 - THIS is what we've been waiting for! ::

In the last picture, the low plants along the left side (the back of the flower bed) are black-eyed Susans - we moved them from another part of the yard. Those will be an awesome wall of yellow daisies with black centers in August and September.

LOVE my flowers!

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Frank and Evelyn said...

Gorgeous! I just cleared out the dead tulips and planted annuals around the rosebushes. Hope they decide to grow. There are tons of rosebuds that will be blooming soon.