02 June 2014

Spring Wonderland

I've done my first paint job! YEEEEAH!

My sister Tawnia is spending the month of June with us, so I emptied the front bedroom, which I'd been using as a sewing room since we moved into the house. (The sewing room is now downstairs as part of the storage room. It's not the greatest, but it works.) I wanted to paint it before she got here because there's no point in setting up an entire room and then moving everything out to paint it later. Just get it done now.

The beginning: boring boring dirty-looking off-white. Yuck. You can see how pleased Adam is at my determination to paint our house. Ha ha ha. (Bookcase and dresser covered with the plastic - all other furniture was out.) And you can also see how pleased he is at my "extremism" of wanting to use multiple colors and needing lots and lots of tape rather than just slapping up all one color and calling it good. I'm grateful for my sweet hubby accommodating me. My thought is - this is the first time I've ever been able to do anything at all with my house, so I'm going all the way with it.

Phase 1: The ceiling and top 18 inches of the wall are the blue, and the yellow stripe is 12 inches wide. In person, it's more pale than this, and the walls aren't quite so neon. But it is bright! And I like it! The edge of the window, closet, and door are "ultra white" - nice and clean and bright and NOT cream! The pink ceiling fan was chosen by the girls and installed last summer when we moved in.

Phase 2 will be after Tawnia leaves, and then my parents are taking up residence in the room for the month of August, and THEN in September, SM and TA will get the room. At that point, we're going to paint flowers all over the green in pink, purple, orange, yellow ... whatever we have and whatever strikes us as interesting. We may also add some white clouds to the ceiling. The girls also want to put fairies on the walls. I told them I can't paint fairies - I'm no artist - but I'll find decals that we can use. I have fabric to make curtains - just haven't gotten to it yet. Those blinds are coming down and landing in a dumpster - I hate them.

RG has named our decorating scheme "Spring Wonderland." When we finish with the front bedroom, we'll do the back bedroom to match (and possibly their bathroom as well).

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