18 October 2016

K is for knit fabric

Before I did J, I did K.

In sewing so far, knit fabric and I have not gotten along particularly well. Back at Letter D - doll clothes - my pieces with knit fabric were totally wonky and did not go well. It may have been the fabric itself. I was using old knit leggings for the fabric instead of a fresh cut that hadn't been used before. Either way, it made me skittish to use it again so I haven't, until now.

In July, I needed a skirt that was solid-colored and drapey, really fast for the play. After the toga project, I had about 4 hours before the dress rehearsal to take care of my own costume. I hadn't found anything at the thrift store that I liked, and I remembered this blue knit. Sure, whatever. It's a solid, which is what I needed. I went slowly while sewing to make sure I didn't stretch and warp the hem, and used a zig-zag stitch to allow for the give in the fabric. And I guess it worked! I did just an elastic waistband because it's easiest, and then tied a sash around my waist to cover it.

It's a bad photo because it was shot from the auditorium with an iphone by a 4-year-old. But you get the idea, and here I am telling Professor Hill what a trashy girl Marian the Librarian is. (The girl in the shorts behind me was getting her skirt fixed backstage - this was dress rehearsal. She would have been quite scandalous in 1912 wearing only that!)

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