02 November 2017

Joint Projects

After several years of sewing, we finally got to do some together!
I spent the month of July in Connecticut with Trina and we made a quilt.
Our Woven Star in progress.
I did a majority of the cutting, pressing and sewing, to get the top done.
And Trina is doing the quilting and binding.

Three squares I made for Trina's Night Sky. 
Only three small squares out of... lots, but it was fun to contribute.

And my Jelly Dot baby quilt using my first jelly roll.
It was so nice to have Trina there to play with patterns and ideas.
She also did a LOT of sewing and cutting for the first half of the squares.
One thing I learned: small squares = lots of seams
(If you have the choice of 6" or 10" blocks, do 10.)


I love that I have someone to be excited about sewing with.  We share links and brainstorm ideas and I desperately wish we lived closer!  Looking forward to more shared projects in the future.

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