30 December 2016


It has taken me a looooong time to do this, mostly because I kept setting it aside to work on other projects ... but IT'S DONE! This is my first quilt that I've done EVERYTHING on! All the piecing, the borders, the quilting, and the binding.

I've heard the pattern called hobo rails or rail fence. It's sets of 3 strips alternating directions. I quilted it diagonally across the squares and it completely changed the look of the whole thing. I'm totally excited about it - I actually made a whole twin-sized quilt!

When I first finished the top ... a year ago ... I've worked on a lot of other things since then before getting back to it.

DONE! With giggly helpers not quite holding it up the way I'd like ... but oh well.

JE wrapped up in her new quilt - warm and cozy for winter!

Pattern: rail fence
Blocks: strips of 6.5 x 2.5 inches sewn into sets of 3. 
Fabric: every random pink I had in my sewing room, some given to me from my quilt group. Scraps from making clothing were included. The border was bought at Hobby Lobby.

TITLE: The Pink Babies
The story is that when we had just had our first baby and she was about a month old, we went to a church function. Another couple also had a baby there. Someone was asking about us, and to distinguish us from the everyone else, we were referred to as "the ones with the pink baby." Adam had gone a little crazy with acquiring pink clothes for SM, so as we added more girls to our family, they were always dressed entirely in pink as newborns. So it stuck. We had the pink babies.

It just seemed appropriate that my first quilt would be all pink, and I'd name it The Pink Babies. The girls aren't so happy about that because *huffy sigh* they are not. babies. anymore. But it is what it is. And I love it.

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