29 January 2014

KCW day 2/3

Even after spending all day at a friend's house, and having no husband around for a few days, I was able to put Cupcake to bed early (since she didn't nap well), and spend the rest of the night sewing away.  Red pants done!  Pictures will happen tomorrow.  The pattern actually worked pretty well, but I'll add a little height at the waist, chop some off at the ends (5 inches of hem is a bit excessive), and add just a little bit more room around the hips for more pajammy-type comfort.  When all said and done, pants are quick and easy, and I had fun making something new. 

I'm making skirts for Trina's youngest two (and possibly the rest of them, because I have plenty of this fabric) - and have everything prepped for assembly.  All six strips cut, pressed, with casings added and hemmed (I know that is a final step, but I find it way easier to do when it's flat, and not ruffled).  I'll likely finish them both tomorrow, and possibly start on Cupcake's flannel pajama pants.

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