17 January 2014

Christmas pillows

I doubt anyone else remembers this, but about a year ago, I registered for an online quilting class specifically about sewing on the curve because I want to make a quilt with scallops on it. I did the very first project and never got any further with it because of ... well, being pregnant and then having a new baby, moving, blah blah blah. Fortunately, when I paid for the class, I got all the class files in a pdf which includes links to all the videos. And now that it's January again, NOW I'm going to do the class!

To start this time around, I did project #2 - a pillow with scallops on it. I made it for my sister Tawnia's Christmas present. She went to Disney World with us in Oct. 2012 and all of the fabric in the pillow is from that trip. I made the girls safari vests with flower prints for the pockets for going to Animal Kingdom, and dresses with a fun Minnie Mouse print for when we were at the Magic Kingdom.

I also made a pillow for Adam for Christmas - he wanted a small pillow to put in his camp gear. (He's a Boy Scout leader so he camps a lot.) I've teased him a number of times that I'll make something pink to put in his gear to remind him of his girls back home ... I got around that with no pink. He bought a blue shirt for SM when she was a baby that says, "Everyone loves a blue eyed girl," and all 5 girls wore it. It's totally trashed out and stained but I made sure JK wore it at least once just so we could have all 5 of them in it. I cut the phrase off the shirt and tossed the rest, and appliqued it to the pillow. So he has his girls with him and no pink.

For the quilting class, I did the first project last year - a scalloped bunting to hang up as a holiday decoration. I'm actually going to take it apart and do it again. The plan called for only 6 scallops spaced rather widely. Eh. It's okay. I want more scallops closer together. So I will make more and do it again. The third project from the first week of the class is a baby bib. My kids won't wear them (I've tried) so any bib I make for the class will most likely be a gift for someone else.

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Adam and Amber said...

My kids wont wear bib's either. Kynzlee takes her's off, throws it on the floor and then claps. I'am an oyiclean fan.