27 January 2014

KCW Day 1

Rough start to the day, with Cupcake being in meltdown mode all morning.  Naptime is precious time, but I used it to finish up a series of paintings for a commission.  With that out of the way now I can focus on sewing for the rest of the week.  The evening was busy, since my husband is going out of town for the next few days, but I did manage to get some sewing in.

First time working with a pattern (ever!) for Cupcake's pajama pants, and I actually enjoyed cutting things out.  (I really need to get myself a nice long ruler for drawing lines instead of trying to fold and iron things square.  It's amazing I don't have one.)  I've done the first three bits of stitching (front seat, back seat, and up the middle of the legs), and just need to do up the sides before trying them on her - no point in finishing them if they don't fit!  Glad I'm doing this with trial fabric first, before the precious flannel. 

I feel like I'm learning lots, and getting excited for future projects.  I'm on the hunt for the perfect dress pattern to go with the adorable green fabric I found for St. Patrick's Day!

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