27 January 2014


Kid Clothes Week day 1: I had nightgown #2 already cut out and even started. But just barely. I was hoping to get some sewing in during JK's nap and she did take a really long one! But other things took priority, like her sisters and cooking dinner. Heh.

I got a good amount of sewing in after they went to bed, probably an hour and a half but I wasn't really keeping track. I got the bodice of the nightgown most of the way done - facing attached, topstitching done, and sleeves put on. Next step is to put in the buttonholes, sew the skirt together, and attach the bodice and skirt. I like my new machine for the buttonholes - I set a couple of things up on it, push a button, and it does the whole thing. My old machine is more old school. I have to change the stitch number for each side of the buttonhole.

This size is for JE and I tried it on SM and RG. I think I can get away with it on RG but SM definitely needs a bigger size. Another pattern to trace! And then of course RG told me that she doesn't want a nightgown at all - she likes the Hello Kitty one she got for Christmas. I don't know what I'll end up doing for her - I'll do her pajamas last to see what she ends up deciding on. I could do a top (like this pattern is supposed to be anyway) with pajama pants.

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