20 January 2014

baby nightgown

I've said for a couple of years now that I'm going to make the pajamas to give to the girls on Christmas Eve, and haven't gotten to it. This year, someone from church was cleaning out their fabric stash and gave me what seems like an entire bolt of flannel. It's an oldish print - not the greatest in the world. But it's pajamas. So who cares how stylin' it is, really. It's soft and cozy, and will keep the girls warm at night.

My girls want nightgowns. As tomboy as I was growing up, I have somehow produced not one but five uber-feminine girls who want nightgowns and dresses and pink and all manner of ribbons and frills. I have no idea. Anyway, I started with the Playtime Tunic pattern from Oliver + S (that I got on sale - no, I did not pay $16 for a pattern). I used it for the top and sleeves, and the skirt part is just 2 big rectangles sewn together at the sides and gathered at the top to fit the bodice. I just adjusted the length to make a long nightgown and voila! The pattern has a template for the neckline stitching to make a fake Peter Pan "collar." I added the ribbon around the middle for fun.

This is the only one I've finished so far - for the baby. Four to go. The bodice also fits TA - she's 2 but is so tiny she can still fit in 12-18 month size tops for the width. I just need to adjust the length a little bit.

My little trademark - a heart stitch from my new machine. I put it on the hem. It's not the prettiest work in the world - I'm still learning how to control the fabric while the machine is jerking it back and forth to do the stitching. But it's there for my girls to have on their clothes that Mom loves them. 


Mindy said...

I think that fabric is absolutely perfect for nightgowns. And the hearts are cute! Nice job. Can't wait to see them all in their new pajamas.

Lauren said...

I just love that little heart stitch at the bottom, too! It's a nice touch.

gabisunshine said...

That heart stitch is sweet! I'll have to try something similar :)