12 January 2009

manacotti trick

Adam and I saw this idea on a cooking show on PBS a few months ago, and we've done it twice. It works great! Manacotti noodles are those big tubes that you're supposed to stuff with the cheese mixture, and it's a pain in the neck. The "new and improved" manacotti is to use lasagna noodles. Boil the noodles first. Put a scoop of the cheese at the end of a noodle, and then roll it up. Voila! A tube without having to manuever the tube!

We don't have a particular recipe that we use for the cheese or the sauce (except for my marinara sauce that I already posted) - I guess just look that up for ideas. When we made this manacotti over the weekend, I think Adam just used ricotta and mozzarella mixed with a few herbs.

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Alisha said...

Its a fun idea. This way you can include children in the cooking of it. I admit I love manicotti and I like stuffing the shells. I'm a dork. But I can never do it with my girls. This would be A-OK on the kid friendly helping with dinner front. Good idea.