09 January 2009

Finally, someone I can share this with

Here it is folks. The best cooking purchase you will EVER make. And I say this with all sincerity.


$29.95 and you have the chef knife that most chef’s use all across America and the standard for culinary institutes all over.

I love Shun’s. Now there is many a debate about what kind of knives you should own and I think that’s up to you and how you hold your knife and the tang you like. But here is a rough idea of what a Shun costs:

Ridiculous. Okay. So none of us are likely in a position to go out and buy these. So look again at what I have above and do not be fooled by its white plastic look and small price tag. It is amazing. And sharpen it before you use it each time and it will be your best friend in the kitchen. Plus there is no guilt when the cheap knife gets dinged or dropped or treated poorly. It still loves you back at 1/6th the cost of other professional knives (the one featured here is a santoku - my favorite style and cut for a knife, but thats my preference). But this isn't my favorite shun brand. I will spare you the details and knife love ...

One small piece of knife advice. No matter what you choose to buy look for this somewhere on the box or online in product info. NSF certified. This will make all the difference. And, the cheap knife has the certification. Don't ever go buy walmart garbage again.

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Liz Autry said...

AMEN! I will do a new post on this