14 January 2009


I was looking back at posts from before I joined and saw the one by Alisha about the knives. I agree whole hearted!!!

I use the forged cutlery from The Pampered Chef. I used to be a consultant, so I got my knives for free as a promotion. Their Santoku knife is $70. My personal favorite, however is the chef knife. And no, I am no longer a consultant, so this is not a sales pitch. Though if you want to see the pricing for all of the knives you can go to my friends site.

Anyway, I LOVE my knives. I had never had quality knives before. The day I got them I was cutting everything up in the house I could get my hands on! I will NEVER go back again. I am currently trying to convince my husband to get the carving set as well.

Anyway, quality knives are DEFINITELY worth it.

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