11 February 2014

sleeveless blouse

In preparation for Cupcake's St. Patrick's dress, I decided to tackle the bodice.  I found a free pattern online and tried it out.  It was huge.  I cut down on the length, squared the neckline and tried again.  A better fit, but still too wide across the top.  I trimmed down the pattern a final time and added the opening in the back.  As I put it together I was worried that it would be too small (and it is a little snug), so I'll adjust it once again just a touch for the dress.
After all of that, I still haven't gotten sleeves figured out.  I followed three different tutorials, but different sleeves require different timing, so it didn't work out.  I made a quick strip of (un)bias tape to finish things off and make it a wearable top.  After making all the skirts the bottom was done in no time flat.  I'm proud of this top, and learned lots, and look forward to learning more. 
Before I tackle the dress I'm going to do a round of instant-gratification, mindless baby blankets.  A friend's mother was getting rid of a whole bunch of fabric and trims, so my stash just doubled.  A majority of that fabric is for baby blankets anyway (flannel and baby-print cottons, along with satin bindings), so might as well start using it up.  We've got seven babies on the way at church, so it's good to be prepared!

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