02 February 2014

challenge 2014: HOLIDAYS

I've seen blogs with lots of different sewing challenges that I'd like to try - specific colors, sewing something for every letter of the alphabet, sewing for boys (poor guys get left off the sewing lists a lot, but we have no boys at our house), sew specific patterns, etc ...

We're going to have a sewing challenge for 2014:


We don't really have it nailed down to one thing per month, or these particular holidays, or whatever. Your sewing item does not have to be clothes - it can be anything you want. You can sew as many things as you want for each holiday. No guidelines except ...


Mindy and I have both started with Valentine's Day. She made pajama pants for Cupcake, and I worked with my girls on making little heart-shaped pillows for their beds or their friends or their dolls. TA is already very possessive of her little pink pillow that I made from some fleece scraps and edged with embroidery floss. So far, we have 3 done with more cut out. One was sewn on the regular sewing machine, and the other 2 were handstitched around the edge. (I'll take pictures later.)

For the next holiday after that in March, I'm going with Read Across America on March 2, Dr. Seuss's birthday. I have some Dr. Seuss prints that I'm making into skirts and dresses for my girls, and we're plotting a trip up to Springfield MA (about 25 miles from where we live) to the Dr. Seuss Memorial - he grew up in Springfield and at the local museum complex, there's a courtyard with a number of statues of his characters. We're waiting for some good weather, and for me to finish their awesome outfits. Mindy has something in mind for St. Patrick's Day. Then of course Easter in April, and on we go.

If anyone wants to join us, we'd love to see what you come up with, both for which holidays you intend to memorialize in fabric, and what you do with it!

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Lauren said...

I think this sounds great! I already made a heart-shaped pillow for the church nursery for Valentine's Day, but I don't think I'm going to count it. I am contemplating some kind of family mail-delivery system/storage, or a table runner...we'll see! :)