03 February 2014


I'm hooked.  After finishing Cupcake's pajamas yesterday I decided to take a break from sewing for the evening.  I'd recently checked out some books from the library and wanted to start reading some of them.  And I had the hardest time.  My brain kept wandering to the upcoming St. Patrick's Day dress.  I have my material and love it and want to show it off.  Nothing I've found is quite what I want, so I've been focusing on bits and pieces and imagining how they'll all work together.  I'm getting to the point where I have to remind myself that this isn't the last thing I'll make, and I can save details for future projects.  I'm fairly certain that I'm going to dive in and attempt a full dress (bodices and sleeves and button holes intimidate me), but if I start soon I can practice a bit before doing the final thing.  It feels so good to be motivated and excited about something again!!

And to sum up my KCW - two pairs of pants and two skirts.  I'll probably start on the other three skirts tonight, getting all the strips ready, but I won't really consider them part of the official count.  And it isn't like I need the hours because I know I spent a lot more than an hour sewing on most days.

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