03 February 2014

Kids Clothes Week 2014 winter edition

Yeah, okay, so that sewing 1 hour per day totally did not happen here. A couple of days this week, I didn't even get into the sewing room at all. Sigh. I'll try again in the spring at the next go-around (I think this is supposed to be 4 times a year), and in the meantime, I'm shooting for 15 minutes a day. Maybe I can get that?

I did get JE's nightgown done tonight - hooray! I do have a contribution to the project list of KCW 2014! I totally nailed it on the length. It's right to the top of her feet, just where I wanted it. That surprised me. The buttons are uneven on the back - 2 are really close together with the 3rd one a distance away. Adam asked if I was going for some kind of asymmetrical look. No, I just messed up on spacing the buttonholes. I didn't put any ribbon on it, but I did a flower stitch on the neckline, wrists, and hem. I mixed in a bunch of hearts on the hem, so she has a little bit of the trademark. One heart for every letter in her name.

TA was very upset that she did not also have a new nightgown to wear to bed, so hers needs to be made pronto. I put the baby's on her to check the sizing - she can wear the 12-18 month size with it lengthened a bit (she's 2 1/2 but REALLY tiny - she apparently has the metabolism of a hummingbird because she eats more than any of our other girls). But I'm going to trace off the next size up on the pattern for her, because the armholes are more tight than I'd like. There wasn't much growing room in the smaller size.


Mindy said...

I like it! And dang does she look just like you did when you were a kid.

And I find it funny that Cupcake is nearly a year younger than TA but is definitely bigger - she's wearing size 2/3.

Mandapanda said...

Super cute - i really like that fabric!