31 December 2015

pajammies and pillowcases

I had just enough snowman fabric for four pillowcases.
One each for Aaron's nephews, Keith (8), Tysen (5) and Andrew (3.5),
and later (so not pictured) one for Cupcake.
I won the ornament fabric in a giveaway last year (from New Zealand!)
and I had just enough for each one!
The solid is from an old sheet.
And the last one is red with white polka dots,
part of a Minnie Mouse costume I had when I was a kid.
No pattern, just compared it to a pillowcase I already had and made it up.
What did the boys do with the pillowcases when they got them?
They jumped in them and had a sack race across the living room.

I found this amazing reindeer sheet at the thrift store over the summer.
I was able to just get a pair of pants for me and Cupcake.
I traced off a pair I already had and these new ones fit perfectly. Super duper comfy.
And then I caught my husband trying them on.
So I had to make him some too. 
I was looking for more Christmas fabric, but came across this knit dragon sheet.
But he really wanted some matching ones,
and there was no way I was going to find the same reindeer sheet.
My father-in-law found a fleece double sheet set with polar bears on it.
Enough fabric for all of us!
I just traced my reindeer pants for me, added some length on Cupcake's
and traced mine again for Daddy's,
adding an inch to the length and four inches to the rise.
And there's enough leftover to make a tiny pair next year, if we need it.
Homemade pajammies are the best!

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