27 December 2013

new ornaments

My Christmas present from Adam was a full set of ornaments from The Forgotten Carols:

Let Him In


You Were Not There In Bethlehem

Handel's Dream

Mary Let Me Hold Her Baby

The Dance

I Was Not His Father, He Was Mine

I Cannot Find My Way - Three Kings

 I Cry the Day that I Take the Tree Down

Aren't they AWESOME?!?!?! He ordered the wood flute, the quill pen (it came with ink), the corsage, and the treble clef precut but the rest he made himself. The last two ornaments are for me and Tawnia. The mirror says "The Star of Bethlehem" and he actually got the idea from an Amelia Bedelia book. The treble clef was for Tawnia because she spent Christmas with us this year. Next year, we need to figure out Adam's ornament - something with Scouts like a fleur de lis.

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Mandapanda said...

So awesome!! Nice work Adam - I am very impressed :c)