20 December 2013


I made Cupcake a little book to keep her distracted during church.  She loves to flip through picture books and albums, so I figured one with a church theme would be just perfect.  It'll be in her stocking to open on Christmas morning.  I came up with my own set of words and scriptures, and used a mix of my own pictures and ones from lds.org.  (I did not alter the photos in any way - no cropping, no adding words on top, etc., to obey their copyright laws.)  About half the letters were double  pages - one page for the scripture, one for the picture. 

Atonement, Baptism, Creation, Divine Nature, Eternal Family, First Presidency, Golden Plates, Heavenly Father, Iron Rod, Jesus Christ, Kneel, Last Supper, Missionary Work, Nativity, Oil, Priesthood Blessings, Quiet, Resurrection, Sacrament, Temple, Utah, Vision (first), Word of Wisdom, Xample, Youth, Zion

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