02 December 2013

first Christmas skirt of the year

SM gets only one church outfit per season because we've learned the hard way that one is all she'll wear. No sense in filling the closet with pretty dresses that she won't wear to church and she's not allowed to wear at any other time. When she wants variety, we'll add variety. But for now, she's 7 and wants the same thing every week, and this has been her pattern since she was about 4.

She was still wearing her Easter dress after Halloween so we went straight for Christmas. She wanted it made rather than bought, and she wanted a skirt rather than a dress. We did buy a top to go with it - I'm not quite that brave. We went to Kohl's with the skirt and she chose the top. Here's the result:

(Now to work on posture.)

The fabric was actually ordered online last year but I never did anything with it. It's 2 pieces because she wanted a double layer skirt - the ruffle is attached to white lining fabric rather than being the green all the way down. The green ruffle could have been attached to the red and would probably look better, but she's happy with it so whatever.

And now for A LOT more sewing in the next 23 days, so see ya later! I've got 12 days to make 5 nightgowns for the Polar Express themed church Christmas party, where the kids are supposed to wear pajamas.

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