25 December 2013

bags and bags and more bags

Christmas presents for a lot of ladies in my life.  I added a pocket to only one (with the button), for Cupcake, otherwise they are just simple tote bags.  I may add pockets on future bags, just not with flaps and buttons - I think the pocket took more time than the whole rest of the bag.  It was fun to do, even though I had to switch machines in the middle (my machine died, I'm borrowing my mother-in-law's), but I'll take a break from sewing for a little bit.  Looking forward for spring though, to make more ruffle dresses for my baby girl!
As a side note, I think Cupcake has messed up my camera.  Right side of the picture, sharp and clear.  Left end is blurry and yuck.  I'll see if a good lens cleaning will help, otherwise I'm going back to my old camera.  Sad.

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