16 January 2010

Homemade Pizza

My husband LOVES pizza! High end, take and bake, take out, frozen, you name it - he likes it (he even eats those Totinos party pizzas - ewww!!)

After much searching and experimenting I think we have finally found the best homemade pizza

Sauce: from recipezaar - we add 1teaspoon water and up the sugar to a full teaspoon


seriously this sauce is amazing! you could spread it on a saltine and it would be a pretty good pizza :)

Crust: just tried it today:


I cooked it on a pizza stone (you can buy an unglazed tile and it would work just as well - cost about a buck vs the $40 for a "pizza stone")

Toppings: you can figure that out - put on whatever you like - my one suggestion, don't put on too much cheese - it is easy to think you have to cover it in cheese... it is ok/better to still be able to see some of the sauce, once everything melts it will cover the sauce anyway

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stewbert said...

sounds delish. i love pizza, too, and will eat those totino's pizzas, even though dairy is off my list. haha. thanks for sharing.