01 January 2015

2015 sewing goals

One of my favorite sewing blogs is WhipStitch, and Deborah posted her 2015 goal list the other day and invited readers to participate. When I first looked at it, I thought, “Ha ha ha. I’ll never get through 17 projects this year.” Yes, I did way more than 17 projects in 2014 but my sewing plans are to do 2 or 3 full-sized quilts next, and who knows how long THOSE will take. Plus, we're kicking homeschooling up a couple more notches so it will take more time on a regular basis than it has in the past.

Then I looked at her list again, and maybe this will be possible after all ...

1. a treat for your sewing space: my sewing machine does need a dust cover, considering my sewing area is currently in our dusty storage room.

2. something for him: Adam has been after me to make him some flannel pajama pants ever since I told him I have the fabric for them.

3. a skirt or dress for you: yep, have the fabric for that too, that's just been sitting there for over 2 years.

4. a quilt or blanket for charity: I have 5 quilts to make - one for each of my girls - before I give away any to charity or a swap. But yes, a quilt is next on my list to sew. It's already started.

5. a garment for a child: if I make no other clothing for my girls this year (which is highly unlikely), I will be making a baptism dress for RG, who turns 8 in October. 

6. a project using only scraps: I recently discovered that I have a lot more felt than I realized before, and a good portion is scraps. We’ll be decorating the outside of the Christmas playhouse with felt. Scraps!

7. an accessory: my girls are really into accessories these days – that could be another family project.

8. something in an unfamiliar textile: the only fabrics I've sewn with are regular woven cotton, flannel and felt. Finding a new type of fabric will not be difficult. 

9. a project from a printed sewing pattern: I just got a couple of new paper patterns from Oliver+S.

10. a quilt or block for a swap: another one! I actually have 2 quilts started and it's my goal to get them both done this year. One is hobo rails, and the other is paper piecing.

11. a project from a PDF pattern: I've been eyeing Dana Willard’s shorts pattern. Now is as good a time as any. My girls usually wear skirts in warm weather but it wouldn't hurt them to have a couple of pairs of shorts as well.

12.  a bag or pouch: SM has not yet gotten her Bento tote bag for her ballet class.

13. a project you Pinned but haven’t done yet: I don't "pin" but I do have about 200 bookmarks for sewing projects.

14. applique or embroidery: I'm on E for the Sew All 26 challenge, and I was wanting to embroider something anyway. I haven't decided what yet but this embroidered jumper from Purl Bee has been on my list for forever. Perhaps its time has come.

15. something doll sized: MORE doll clothes? What the heck, I can teach SM to make them herself. (With scraps! #6!)

16. use an unfamiliar tool or machine: I will be soon introduced to the walking foot when working on my quilts.

17. a project using fabric you designed: this is the only one that has me stuck. There is a website called Spoonflower where you can design your own prints and they'll make it for you, but they are WAY out of my price range. Maybe I'll find a solid and draw or paint on it. That's the only thing I can think of so far.

I haven't made a list of specific items I want to sew this year, except the 2 quilts and RG's baptism dress. And to keep going on the Sew All 26 challenge. Mindy suggested that we try to get to Z this year but I don't think I'm going to lock that one into a time frame. Part of the appeal for me is that I'm NOT trying to get it done on a deadline - it gives me flexibility but keeps me moving forward. The quilts fit in with F and H so I'll be sitting here at the beginning of the alphabet for quite awhile.

And the other thing with all of this - except for designing my own fabric, buying white for RG's baptism dress, and possibly some fillers for the quilts ... all of it can be done with fabric I already have and is just sitting there. It's a stash-buster year! Hooray for not spending more money on projects, and hooray for getting stuff used and/or out of my house rather than just taking up space! (Note to self: stay away from the remnant bin at Hobby Lobby.)

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mascanlon said...

I wandered over from whipstitcher's blog. I am doing the same thing as you are, what can I work in, what is a real stretch etc. I don't know what I will do for making my own fabric but I think the fabric will be made using Victoria Findlay Wolfe's approach. She pieces together scraps and makes her own fabric, calls it 15 minutes of play! Something to think about!!