03 January 2015

2015 Preview

I'm happy to continue on our Sew 26 Challenge, but agree that getting to Z by the end of the year is not the goal.  If we're close though, I would love to do something with colors next year.  Since I've started working (watching a friend's two boys four days a week) I need to be more productive with my time off.  KCW are great for motivation, so I'll definitely be participating in those again.  And I've set a few sewing goals for the year.

Use a pattern - The only actual pattern I've ever used was for the basic pants from MADE and it was only two pieces already in the size I wanted.  I was given a whole bunch of paper patterns but haven't used any of them.  I need to see if they are even worth using, or if I'll stick with newer patterns I can purchase online.  I don't really have a lot of room for sewing stuff anyway, so it'll be good to clean out patterns I won't use.

Zippers and buttonholes - I've managed to go a whole year without attempting either, but it feels like it's time.  My first zipper project will probably be a little pencil case.  Any suggestions for a buttonhole project?

Quilt - One of my first sewing projects was finishing a quilt that my mom had started - it isn't perfect, but it wasn't too hard to do.  I was given a bunch of fabric and was inspired by some of the scraps.  I'll be doing a simple strip quilt and have most of the fabric for it, but still need to work on the layout.

Make this Pleated Square Tunic from Shwin&Shwin for Cupcake.  I've been swooning over this since I found it four months ago.  I'll probably need to scale it down because the free pattern is a size 5/6 (you think I can get away with just printing it a little smaller?) but it's just so cute.  Will mean I need to learn how to make pleats, which are an adorable detail that I'll want to include in future projects as well.

Make a bubble skirt.  For me or Cupcake.

Make something for me - No specific plans yet.

Paint this shirt.  I like the style of the shirt itself (peasant top without gathered sleeves) and I love the splash of color.  This year must include some paint.

And on a semi-related note, another one of my goals this year is to start trying some new recipes.  I need to make a better effort at regularly preparing meals at my house and including more vegetables.  I'm going to hunt through this blog for ideas, Pinterest always has lots, and I happen to have an entire bookshelf of cookbooks that I need to peruse too.  Anyone have any great ideas though?  What do you regularly eat at your house?  What are some of your favorite things to prepare?

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