02 January 2015

2014 Review

I didn't keep very good track of what I actually accomplished this year.  I have a small journal to keep notes in (like measurements and alterations) but didn't consistently write in it.  Hooray for the blog or else I'd have completely forgotten what I accomplished this year.  I will try and do better at taking notes this year!

Clothes for Cupcake
-black and cream t-shirt tiered dress
-basic pants
-four pairs of pajama pants and one top
-she calls it the "bunny dress" and is the most requested article of clothing she owns
-sleeveless blouse (which was actually just bodice practice)
-St Patrick's Day dress
-three peasant tops
-teal ruffle shirt
-red white and blue ruffle top
-birthday outfit: top and ruffled bum bloomers
-little red dress (reworked the birthday top pattern, still not perfect)
-storybook top 
-Halloween costume: hat, apron, reversible circle skirt, bloomers
-two refashioned items (shirt and cardigan)

-five tiered skirts for Trina's girls
-maxi skirt for me
-t-shirt dress with Ella
-what started as a t-shirt dress but turned into a skirt for me (still need to change it - the length is awkward)
-refashioned shirt for me
-four pillow covers (make them slightly smaller next time)
-eight baby blankets
-twelve dishtowel bibs
-ruffled tote bag (premade bag, just added ruffles)

In time for Christmas
-two rugs
-lined tote bag for Tawnia
-tablecloth for my mother-in-law
-two stuffed sheep
-three sets of pocket warmers and three other heating packs

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