21 July 2009

101 Simple Salads for the Season

Trina, you asked for summer dishes and the NY Times provided an answer. You do have to sign up, but it is free. Just follow this link for some fabulous ideas. YUM!


FRESH AND FRESHER Clockwise, from top left: tuna, egg, green beans (No. 56); carrots, blueberries, sunflower seeds (7); croutons, tomatoes, mozzarella (42); walnuts, blue cheese, raspberries (49); couscous, oranges, honey (95); strawberries, tomatoes, Parmesan (13).


Nicole said...

I'm a friend of Meredith's and I just looked at your blog, I looove all these recipes you have and I'm going to try them! Thanks!

Alisha said...

Glad you like them. Enjoy!